Industrial Robotics Workshop
Just 350-550 robots are installed in Russia every year. The density of robotics is one of the lowest in the world - 3 robots per 10,000 workers, which is 25 times lower than the world average.

Industrial Robotics Workshop is the first event in Russia conducted on the effective use of industrial robots on Russian enterprises.

On Workshop there will be discussions and practical sessions. A demonstration zone of robotic solutions will be organized for the live communication with experts and exploration of ready-to-use robotics solutions.

The goal of the event is to establish a dialogue between those who create robotic solutions and those who can benefit from robots' implementation in production process.

Participants of the workshop are the best suppliers of robotic solutions, as well as CEO and CTO of industrial enterprises.

The event will be holding with the participation of representatives of International Federation of Robotics.

Industrial Robotics Workshop is organized in 2018 for the first time and it will be holding annually.

Thursday, April 19
09:30 – 10:00
Registration of participants
Opening of the Workshop. Welcoming speech
Vitaly Nedelskiy, President of Russian Association of Robotics
10:15 – 12:00
Industrial robotics: new markets, robotics applications and ways of development
The world's leading experts on industrial robotics will discuss how robotics of tomorrow will differ from today's.
  • What is the future of industrial robotics in Russia?
  • Will robots be a key technology and used at every second Russian enterprise?
  • What needs to be done for this

- Gudrun Litzenberger, Secretary General, International Federation of Robotics
- Bruno Schnekenburger, President of Yaskawa Robotics Europe
- Mikhail Ivanov, Head of Department Machine Tool Building and Investment Machine Building of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia
- Vladimir Raspopov, Deputy Director of the Industry Development Fund
- Shen Chuanhao, Technology Director of Zhejiang Buddha
- Vitaly Nedelskiy, President of the Russian Association of Robotics
- Ravil Khisamutdinov, Deputy Director for development and robotization of "KAMAZ"
12:00 – 12:15
12:15 - 13:45
Economic efficiency: costs down
There will be a debate between creators of robotic solutions and representatives of industrial enterprises. Key questions:
  • How to use robots to reduce production costs?
  • What are the cases of successful robots application?
  • What is the payback period of robotic solutions?
  • Are industrial robots available for SME and small-scale production?

- Ravil Khisamutdinov, Deputy Director for development and robotization of "KAMAZ"
- Maxim Zverkov, founder of Abagy Robotic Systems
- Anatoly Perepelitsa, CEO of Ltd " Alfa-Intech "
- Mikhail Prokopiev, Director of the Department of Robotic Equipment Ltd. "Weber Komehaniks"
- Evgeny Pavlov, head of technical support department of Technological Center "TENA"
- Jörg Levitsky, director of the Russian branch of Yaskawa
13.45 – 14.15
Coffee break
14.15 - 15:45
Robots VS Cobots
Today, only the laziest does not say that cobots are the future of automation. There are reasons for this, compared to the classic robots, cobot are extremely easy to use:
  • They do not need to build a special infrastructure
  • They do not need to be reprogrammed for new operations
  • The cost of their implementation is close to the cost of the robot, no massive additional equipment and commissioning
  • You can control the robot by yourself, without the help of specialists (integrators or programmers)

Usual robots are more " heavy" but much more functional, fast, and productivity.

How to decide what to use - robot or cobot?
There will be discussion between the manufacturers of industrial and collaborative robots.

- Alexander Yashkin, Deputy General Director of FANUC Russia
- Dmitry Kapishnikov, CEO of KUKA Robotics Russia
- Dmitry Kainov, Head of the Robotics Department, ABB
- Valentin Ponomarev, Director of the Children's Technopark "Kvantorium-33"
- Sergey Ptashnikov, Sales Development Manager in Russia, Universal Robots
- Roman Timofeev, Deputy Director of Robovizard
- Roman Burmistrov, CEO of Hamster Robotics
16:00 - 17:30
RAR members meeting
Experts on the world and Russian
industrial robotics markets
Gudrun Litzenberger
Shen Chuanhao
Bruno Schnekenburger
Mikhail Ivanov
Head of Department Machine Tool Building and Investment Machine Building
Ministry Of Industry And Trade of Russia
Vladimir Raspopov
Vitaly Nedelskiy
Ravil Khisamutdinov
Deputy Director for development and robotization
Dmitry Kapishnikov
Alexander Yashkin
Deputy General Director
FANUC Russia
Dmitry Kaynov
Head of the Department of Robotics
Sergey Ptashnikov
Sales Development Manager
Universal Robots
Roman Timofeev
Deputy Director
Jörg Levitsky
Director of the Russian branch
Roman Burmistrov
Maxim Zverkov
Anatoly Perepelitsa
Anton Atrashkin
Business Program Director
Valentin Ponomarev
Head of the Children's Technopark
Why to participate?
Be aware of new technologies for improving production efficiency
Find solutions to their problems and talk with the best experts of the robotics industry
Find reliable suppliers of industrial robotics solutions
Get acquainted with the market of industrial robotics and understand the trends of market development
Find out more information about enterprises needs in automatization,
find potential clients.
Speakers about Workshop:
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Russian Association of Robotics (RAR) was founded in 2015. RAR is an industry allience which brings together domestic and foreign industrial robot producers and integrators, service robots producers, research and educational organizations, software developers.
The Association's mission is to develop Russian robotics market, to establish cooperation between market participants and public authorities, to promote advanced robotic solutions, to provide outreach activities.
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